Quality Hay Tarps Offer Good Return On Investment

Edward Dunphy, Director of Retail Marketing

Where can you get a Decent Return On Investment?

Use a quality Hay Tarp.

Purchasing a Heavy Duty Hay Tarp is a good investment. 

A 23’x48’ costs $219. Will last 3 to 5 yrs. and save you 11,059 lbs of wasted hay per year. Value of fertilizer in 800 lbs of fescue hay $19.82*

If you store 72- 800 lb round bales of fescue hay under that tarp and up on pallets or on a well drained surface you will waste far less hay than leaving the bales out in the weather.

The tarp will pay for itself the first year. Save you another $1,096 over the life of the tarp based on the fertilizer value of otherwise wasted hay.  $1,096/4yr life = $273 ROI per year.  More than 100% ROI, WOW!

* Amount of NPK in fescue hay from Table 20: Plant food Utilization, A&L laboratories Agronomy Handbook.
*Hay waste/savings from Hay as Part of a Cowherd Production System, 2009, Mark L. Wahlberg, VA Tech Animal Scientist
*Fertilizer cost based on CFC prices 3/12/14


Tips for Tarp Longevity

  1. Purchase a tarp with high UVI protection and a warranty like the Inland Tarps that we stock at CFC Farm & Home Center here in Virginia.
  2. Lay your ropes under the hay and secure them to a pipe that runs along the webbing loops.  If your hay is already stacked use spiral pins screwed into the hay and run the rope from the pins to the pipe.
  3. Loose tarps can be damaged in a matter of hours on a windy day.  This type of damage is not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

 Hay Tarp Straps