Arena Dust Control

Dust Control with Mag Ice - Magnesium Chloride
CFC Farm & Home Center stores stock Mag Ice year round. Our sales of Mag in the summer months are increasing due to its properties as a safe and reliable dust control product.
Magnesium chloride is the best solution for dust control in a horse arena. The reasons for choosing Mag Ice are:

No need to water your indoor arena ever again. Watering after applying Mag is counterproductive and not recommended. No issues with freezing of sprinkler systems or the expense of watering. No worries about freezing of the surface in the winter.

Application is simple and can be done with a garden fertilizer spreader.

Grooming: After you have applied Mag to the surface wait 48 hours before grooming.  This gives the product time to attract moisture from the air. You can then groom as normal. Grooming of the surface helps to incorporate the Mag into your substrate and stabilize it permanently. An annual maintenance application of up to 25% might be needed in a footing with more organic matter.

Polymers Can't Compare to Mag! Polymer products work by creating a crust which is never going to hold in an arena setting. Once the crust is broken more product needs to be added. Mag works throughout the footing, once the footing is stabilized a small amount of annual maintenance is required. Only adding new footing would make it necessary to add significantly more Mag.

Safety: Mag is a very safe product. The LD 50 is 8,100 mg/kg making the product 40 times safer than polymer dust suppression products, 8 times safer than Calcium Chloride and 2.5 times safer than table salt. Magnesium Chloride is a natural product extracted from the Dead Sea and has been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years as bath salts.

How Much to Use? The amount of Mag needed will vary based on type of surface. The more organic matter in the footing, the more Mag is required.  Contact Ed Dunphy for assistance estimating need.

Cost: The cost of a permanent dust control solution using Mag Ice is about the same as temporary control using a Polymer.

More Info: Further information follow this link or contact Ed Dunphy