CFC Hay Options

Choosing hay for your horse, or any other animal, may seem easy enough, but there’s more to it than just making sure it isn’t spoiled.
The stage at which the hay is harvested is the determining factor in hay quality, including whether or not your animal will be able to digest it easily, and derive benefit from the nutrients in the hay.

At CFC Farm & Home Centers, we aim to take the guess work out of choosing the right hay. We have many options for you, from baled hay, to cubes and pellets, compressed hay, and chopped hay in a bag.

Chaffhaye - "Pasture-in-a-bag"

What makes Chaffhaye different from traditional baled alfalfa? The majordifference between Chaffhaye and baled alfalfa is that Chaffhaye undergoes afermentation process which breaks down the plant matter. The fermentation in away "pre-digests" the plant matter so when the animals eat Chaffhayethey are getting about 50% more nutrition then they would out of a dry baledforage. Chaffhaye is a complete forage replacement for all classes ofherbivores......MORE INFO

Semican Comressed Hay -


If storage is a problem, Semican compressedhay bales from Canada are guaranteed to have the same analysis and come fromthe same cutting throughout the year.

Chopped Hay -


Choppedforage in a bag is also an option; CFC carries LucerneHi-Fiber and Hi-Fi Gold, and TNT Alfalfa and Timothy.

Hay Cubes -

In cube form, there are Ontario Dehy Timothy BalanceCubeAlfalfa Cubes, Timothy Cubes, and aTimothy/Alfafa 50/50 split, and Timothy Balancer Cubes. In pellet form, there's Alfalfa.

CFC Hay Mate Cube is great for stretching yourhay supply, and can save you money as well......MORE INFO


Pleasecall and check availability of all these products at your local CFC Farm &Home Center.

Locally Produced Baled Hay -

Of course, the traditionalsquare bales of hay are available at all the CFC Farm & Home Centers. Foryour convenience, we purchase baled hay from local farmers, so you can supportour community farms.