Permanent Fencing



Permanent Equine Fencing

Permanent fencing for equine mainly differs from other types of animal fencing from a safety perspective. The fencing choice needs to consider the horse’s tendency when in an enclosed area...(more)

Types of Woven Wire Fence Knots (hinge joint, square deal, fixed knot)

Woven wire fencing can be distinguished by the type of knot. There are three basic knot types.

High Tensile vs. Low Carbon Fence Wire

Planning what type of permanent fencing to install can be a daunting task. There are many different types of wire on the market in a variety of price ranges...(more)

Distilling the Choices when Purchasing Livestock Fencing

Once you have compared these 4 traits of woven fencing, you can then compare apples to apples within an individual mesh design and fence height...(more)

Tools Needed to Install a Fixed Knot Fence

Having and using the appropriate tools makes fixed knot fence building quicker and easier.

Building a Fixed Knot Fence

You can save up to 40% on your next fencing project but due to the unique properties of high tinsel and fixed knot fencing you need to become familiar with installation procedures.