Easy Keeper

A horse or pony that requires a smaller than average amount of feed due to a lower calorie requirement. (An average amount of feed would be 0.5% of body weight or 5 pounds of feed for a 1000-pound horse per day.) This can be the result of genetic breed differences, low physical activity, and/or a quiet temperament. However, they still require the same amount of non-calorie nutrients as other horses of similar size thus they need specially designed feeds.

Pace-Maker Adult Plus

For Mature Horses Fat and fiber have been blended with steam rolled grains... Learn More

Pace-Maker Lite & Low

For adult horses Very low sugar and starch feed; high in fiber, fat added... Learn More

Pace-Maker Supplement

A concentrated ration balancer for all classes of horses Very low sugar an... Learn More

Tribute Essential K

A supplement formulated for growing, performance, and working horses. Learn More

Tribute Essential K GC Plus

A supplement formulated for growing, performance, and working horses with a... Learn More

Tribute Kalm 'N EZ GC Plus Pellets

A pelleted low-starch feed formulated for all classes of mature horses. NO... Learn More