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We offer a variety of chemicals, seeds, lime, fertilizer, and equipment.

Agronomy is a science and practice that is always looking for new and improved ways of agriculture from a holistic perspective. Culpepers Farm and Home understands the properties of the soil and how the soil interacts with the current crop, fertilizers the crop needs and how to apply nutrients with fertilizer applications in Culpeper, VA.

Fertilization or fertilizer application is important to Culpeper, VA to improve or maintain crops. Timing of fertilizer application has a significant effect on crop yields. Proper timing of the nutrient application reduces nutrient losses and increases nutrient use efficiency. Apply fertilizers at the wrong time may result in loss, waste of fertilizer and could even damage the crop.

The following chemicals, seeds, lime and fertilizer applications include the following: Dekalb,  Mycogen,  Asgrow,  Credenz, Round Up, Grazon Next, Powermax, Remedy, Corteva, Lime, Pot Ash, Urea, Ammonium Sulfate, NPK (Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus),  MAP (Mono Ammonium Phosphate)

Contact the Fertilizer Plant, stores, or your field representative for more information.


ASGROW Roundup DEKALB Roundup PowerMax Mycogen Remedy Ultra Specialty Herbicide GrazonNext HL Specialty Herbicide Credenz for a Healthier Harvest Corteva Agriculture Division of DowDuPont SeedWay, a full-line seed company King's Agriseeds, a full line of forage seed