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Proper management is key to healthy pastures and successful harvests. CFC Farm & Home Center can help you achieve your agronomic goals. Our field representatives can help you develop a plan for managing your crops and forages as well as controlling weeds. We have several options for application and weed control and can work with you to develop a fertilizer to match your operation's needs. Check out our Tip Sheet archives for timely advice and information and, as always, let us know how we can help! 

January 2021

Here we are in the middle of winter, but now is a great time to start planning for spring. Is one of your goals for 2021 to increase production from your pasture and hayfields? If weeds were a problem for you in 2020, a good weed control program could help you get more out of your forages. Warm season annual grasses seem to be becoming more of an issue in our area. Crabgrass, foxtail and jointhead arthraxon are weeds that seem to be taking over certain areas of our pastures and hayfields during the summer months. These grasses germinate and begin growing in late March through early May. We usually notice them in June and July when they start to get ahead of our cool season grasses.

The best time to control these weeds is early spring before they germinate. A well-timed application of Prowl herbicide does a great job in controlling these weeds. Our field staff can help you determine the best time and rate of application based on which weeds were in your fields last year. Prowl herbicide can be sprayed or applied with dry fertilizer.

Contact one of our field staff so that we can evaluate your fields and get you on our schedule for spring.

December 2020

Late fall and winter provide a good opportunity for control of certain weeds in crop fields and pastures. In crops, marestail, along with winter annuals such as chickweed, henbit and purple deadnettle, germinate in the fall. This is a good opportunity for control because the weeds are small and haven’t developed a good root system yet. Think about the fields where you saw weed issues in 2020. Chances are those weeds are there again now. A late fall or early spring herbicide application can help you have a clean field to start 2021. Using an herbicide with a long residual can help reduce the spring workload and allow for earlier planting.

The same concept applies to pastures. If you had pastures with weed problems last spring, you will probably see them again in 2021 if they were not addressed. Buttercups are a great example. When the sea of yellow appears in the spring, it is too late for control measures. Many buttercups germinate in the fall and overwinter as a rosette before taking off and taking over pastures in spring. An application of Duracor herbicide will provide great control and give your grasses a chance to flourish. Duracor can be sprayed or applied mixed with dry fertilizer by CFC. This weed and feed program can be a huge benefit to your pastures.

For any questions or help scouting your fields, contact your CFC field sales representative or local store.

November 2020

As we head into November, we are wrapping up the 2020 growing season and harvest. As we are finishing up this year and hopefully getting some much-deserved rest, we need to start thinking about 2021. Late fall is a good time to make sure you are up to date on soil samples for hay, pasture and crop fields. It is also a great time to apply lime if your fields need it.

Now is also a great time to apply phosphorous and potash. Getting it out early helps increase availability to your crops in spring. You can also take advantage of lower fall fertilizer prices to help stretch your budget. Ask about our fertilizer prepay program to give you discounts on your spring fertilizer.

For help with your winter to-do list, talk to your field sales representative or call your local store.

October 2020

As we head deeper into fall it is a good time to look back at what worked and didn’t work in 2020. One thing to consider is our pastures. How can we get more out of our pastures in 2021?

Fall fertilization and weed control is a good place to start. Fertilization helps boost root development and tiller formation going into winter. This will allow your grass stands to thicken and increase root energy stores for winter and be ready to take off when spring rolls around.

Fall weed control also can be very beneficial. Perennial and biennial weeds such as thistles can be successfully controlled with fall herbicide applications. Buttercups are another weed that can be controlled in fall. Long before we see the sea of yellow in spring, buttercups are popping up and getting established in fall. Duracor provides great control of buttercups when applied late fall or early spring. Once you see the yellow flowers it is too late to spray successfully.

Finding ways to improve our grazing rotation is important too. We need to move cattle and leave plenty of stubble and allow our pastures to rest and recover as much as possible between rotations. This will allow our grasses to grow back quickly and help crowd out weeds.

For help with fall fertilizer applications and weed control, talk to your field sales representative or call your local store.

September 2020

Now is a great time to think about pasture and hay weed control. Fall herbicide applications are very effective in controlling a wide range of tough perennial broadleaf weeds. Your fall forage production can get a real boost from the reduced weed pressure.

Don’t forget about fall fertilizer for your hay and pasture ground. This is a great time to boost that last cutting of hay or stockpile fescue for fall grazing. Remember you are also feeding those roots to get ready for winter.

Talk to one of our field representatives about how to get the most out of your forages this fall.

August 2020

Agronomy Tips

Now is the time to start booking rye, wheat, barley and triticale for your cover crop, forage and small grain needs.

August is a great time to fertilize your pastures to promote fall grazing and increase your late season forage.

Thinking about reseeding pastures or hayfields? Late summer is the best time for seeding cool season grasses. Talk to your CFC field representative or come into one of our stores for help selecting the right product for your operation. Let us help you have a successful season!